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RC Royal Crown Cola

Here are some Royal Crown cola soda pop bottles for sale, I have many duplicates of this brand. I have a few 8 packs that are still full. crown style caps, no twist off.  All of these bottles are "FOR SALE"
                                                                     Contact Terry -     terryt@familygsale.com

RC cola bottle 16oz Paper Label                                                            $5.00
RC cola 16oz Paper Label    FULL!!                                            $7.00
RC cola 16oz Paper Label Sugar Free                                     $5.00
RC cola 16oz 1776 1976 Commemorative                    $7.00
RC cola 1 liter 33.8oz Paper Label                                          $7.00
RC cola 2 liter 67.6oz Paper Label   Torn Label                   $10.00
RC cola 10oz ACL                                                                      $5.00
RC cola 16oz ACL Diet                                                               $5.00
RC cola 16oz  ACL "ONE PINT"                                 $5.00
RC cola 16oz ACL "HALF QUART"                                 $5.00
RC Cola 16oz 8 Pack FULL!                                  $50.00
RC Cola Sugar Free 16oz 8 Pack FULL!                 $50.00
RC 100 Cola 16oz 8 Pack FULL!                             $50.00
RC 100 Diet Cola 16oz 8 Pack FULL!                       $50.00

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